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Event Description and Key Objectives

Digital Labin is a 2-day ICT conference about the present and future of the digital industry. This conference is more than a conference - it’s a full-scale experience uniting all masterminds in digital product creation. The aim of this conference is to unite diverse perspectives in the realm of digital product creation. We wanted to bring big names from the IT industry to the small town in Istria, where conferences like this are not common. The aim of the Digital Labin conference is to unite all digital perspectives so that all teams from the IT industry can come together to share knowledge, mingle, and network. Additionally, this conference strengthens the IT community in Istria. Key objectives: 1. Strengthen the conference's reputation: By inviting prominent industry leaders and agencies from all over the world, the conference hoped to establish its position as one of the most important IT conferences in the region. Additionally, the conference received sponsorship from well-known businesses in the IT industry. 2. Increase agency visibility: By including the name of the agency in all communications and providing plenty of networking opportunities for company employees, the conference boosted brand awareness of the organizing company - Lloyds digital.

Key challenges

One of the primary challenges we faced was establishing the necessary infrastructure to host an event of this magnitude in a small town. Fortunately, through building strong relationships and fostering trust with the local community, we successfully secured the required spaces for the event. Another significant challenge was to find sponsors to fund the whole conference. To overcome this, we reached out to most of the firms from the IT industry across Croatia and the Balkans, offering them visibility on our event, the website and social media of the event, and other things in the sponsorship packages. By doing this, we managed to make great long-term partnerships. Additionally, we collaborated with companies to sponsor food, beverage, and other essentials, providing them exposure in exchange for their generous contributions.

Basic information about the event

Name of the organiser

Lloyds digital


Labin, Croatia

Event duration

23/9/2022 - 24/9/2022


Lloyds digital

Event results


The town of Labin has a long history in the coal business; that’s why most of the Digital Labin conference’s branding is focused on highlighting the town’s rich history with the present developments and innovations in the digital industry. The conference thus honors the past while simultaneously showcasing the possibility of a promising future. The Digital Labin conference uses its distinctive branding as a platform to link Labin's coal industry's past and present, highlighting the value of maintaining the past while embracing the new. Another important thing to emphasize is that the people of Labin, the small Istrian town where the conference is organized, mainly rely on summer tourism. The Tourist Board and the City of Labin have formed partnerships with the conference due to our commitment to extending the summer season in our town. By organizing the conference on the last weekend of September, we have managed to prolong the summer season due to the arrival of all the attendees from the conference, who are ultimately also tourists. Every year, including in 2022, we increase booking of private apartments, houses, as well as restaurants & bars. In addition, the uniqueness of the Digital Labin conference is uniting both perspectives needed to form digital products; developers, and designers, while most other conferences are focused solely on a particular viewpoint; such as only dev or design conferences.


At the conference, we had an interesting experience during the opening ceremony—a one-of-a-kind showcase of the power of AI. The ceremony itself was scripted and narrated by artificial intelligence, adding an element of novelty and excitement to the event. Right from the start, we aimed to create a futuristic ambiance, feeling that attendees should expect the unexpected. Consequently, all the talks revolved around future-oriented trends and best practices, providing valuable insights into what lies ahead.


The conference owes its essence to the dynamic leadership of the company's CEO, whose visionary ideas are the bedrock of the entire event. The dedicated Digital Labin team translates these ideas into reality. Each team member plays a vital role, working together in perfect harmony to generate an extraordinary synergy of all the necessary elements, making this event truly exceptional. We take immense pride in our exceptional conference staff, made up of a dedicated and driven team who all share a unified idea and vision for the Digital Labin conference. Their close-knit collaboration is fostered through daily meetings, ensuring that everyone remains up to date with the latest developments. We place great importance on maintaining strong interpersonal relationships within the event management team, as we believe that creating a supportive environment promotes seamless decision-making and sparks effortless brainstorming among all team members. Relations with the client and partners were well-managed; the conference received sponsorship from well-known businesses in the IT industry, which increased the visibility of both the Digital Labin conference and the organizer, Lloyds digital. Partnerships with the Tourist Board and the City of Labin demonstrated successful collaboration and a shared goal of extending the summer season through the conference. Logistics were also effectively managed, considering the event's objectives and the unique experience it aimed to deliver. The conference took place over two days and featured multiple tracks, workshops, and talks, with over 20 speakers and 600 attendees. The workshops were fully sold out, indicating high demand and effective planning.

Measurable results

The effectiveness and results of the conference were evident. There was a significant increase in visitors compared to the previous conference, workshops were fully sold out, and the brand awareness of Lloyds digital, the organizer, was enhanced. The conference received extensive media coverage, with over 100 articles in national media within three months. The feedback surveys from attendees, speakers, and sponsors all showed high satisfaction rates, with attendees and speakers expressing a strong willingness to recommend the conference to others. Here are the key outcomes: 1. Increased visitor attendance: A comparison with the previous conference in 2019 revealed a significant 50% increase in visitor attendance. This indicates the growing popularity and appeal of the Digital Labin conference. 2. Fully sold-out workshops: All five workshops, each accommodating 30 attendees, were completely booked. This high demand demonstrates the value and relevance of the workshop topics offered at the conference. 3. Enhanced brand awareness: The conference successfully increased brand awareness for Lloyds digital, the organizer of the event. Through effective marketing and PR strategies, including personalized communication and strategic connections, the conference positioned itself as a reputable and prominent IT conference. 4. Recognition as one of the best conferences in Croatia: The Digital Labin conference has gained recognition and acclaim, evident by the requests received for the upcoming 2023 edition from sponsors and potential speakers. This showcases the conference's successful positioning among the top conferences in Croatia. 5. Extensive media coverage: The conference garnered substantial media attention, with over 100 articles published in national media within a span of three months. This earned media coverage further contributed to the visibility and reputation of the event.


The project primarily relied on social media platforms to communicate its message, complemented by paid advertising on these channels. Our main focus was on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, with a particular emphasis on LinkedIn ads as it aligns with our target audience. Additionally, we utilized billboards in the event's town for advertising. We also leveraged interviews and podcasts featuring the CEO of Lloyds digital to promote the event. Moreover, we advertised through local media and other relevant media outlets that catered to our target audience.

Sustainable practices

We prioritize environmental consciousness and aim to enhance sustainable practices in our event. In the previous edition, we took significant steps to reduce unnecessary plastics, such as replacing single-use plastic cups with reusable ones. In our commitment to environmental responsibility, we strategically positioned waste bags throughout the conference area, ensuring proper waste disposal, recycling, and waste separation to minimize environmental pollution and encourage sustainable practices.