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14. Brand Activation

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Event Description and Key Objectives

This is a campaign, brand activation named Inspired by you. With this campaign we want to stress that our passengers remain our first priority as well as making their journey a pleasant and unforgettable experience. It is a digital campaign we presented with srceens in several cityies in Croatia, Zagreb, Split, Rijeka... Given that Croatia is primarily a tourist destination, we wish to emphasize our role of a good and reliable host on all our flights. We also wish to highlight the various services and benefits that are offered to our passengers, such as the wide network of destinations connecting Croatia with Europe and the rest of the world throughout the year.

Key challenges

Our key challange was to present our well known services in a new and attractive way.

Basic information about the event

Name of the organiser

Croatia Airlines


Zagreb, Croatia

Event duration



Croatia Airlines

Event results


Here at Croatia Airlines, models for campaigns are found within the company. Vesna Parčina, Croatia Airlines employee, is the face of this exclusive campaign, presented as a flight attendant with an emphasis on her enriched hairstyle. We wish to evoke the various possibilities that the company constantly strives to offer to its passengers.



The shooting for this campaign was executed within one day with the efforts of following authors: campaign concept - Ivana Ivanković & Mladen Šarić, photo - Mladen Šarić, styling - Mladen Šarić, video - Timy Šarec, hairstyle - Melina Maršić, makeup - Saša Joković, model - Vesna Parčina and copywriter - Ivana Ivanković

Measurable results

This campaign was published in several media: inflight entertainment, inflight magazine, our website newsletters, social network (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn), digital screens throughout Croatia... Impressions: more than 500.000 passangers on our flights, 50.000 subscribers and website visitors...


This campaign was part of the wider communication including communicating Christmas whishes, our summer destinations, our european destinations , sporting events...

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