MVM Future Talks 2022

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Event Description and Key Objectives

MVM FutureTalks is a once-a-year interactive educational talk show that focuses on a specific topic that will shape the future. The event is designed to showcase the MVM Group as a future-oriented, innovative company. What makes it special is that each year, it features not only national experts but also star experts and the most followed opinion leaders from abroad online. The MVM Group, one of the most forward-thinking players in the energy market in Central and Eastern Europe, needed a PR idea that would raise brand awareness and customer confidence to a new level. We envisioned a unique, cross-border PR solution that touched on an engaging technology theme, linked to MVM's day-to-day operations. In 2022 the topic was the future of innovation. The large-scale online event, held for the third time in 2022, reinforced the Group's image and recognition both at home and internationally, building the MVM brand strongly.

Key challenges

We wanted to create a memorable event, but it was the specificity of the theme that caused difficulties in the planning. We put a lot of effort into the details of the design and thanks to the creative and enthusiastic attitude of the team behind the event, everything turned out the way the client had envisioned, from the technique to the look.

Basic information about the event

Name of the organiser

Lounge Group – Visual Europe Group


(Hybrid) Beton Studio / Online platform

Event duration

10 November 2022


MVM Energy Private Limited Liability Company

Event results


We have planned rich and segmented PR activities, guerilla PR and several PR tricks out of the ordinary to grab attention and draw viewers to the online talk show. We ran a street guerilla campaign when an astronaut was looking for his robot dog in downtown Budapest. It was a huge success, generating lots of user-generated content and interactions on social media.


The program was interactive as the general public also played a prominent role in the event. Viewers were able to submit their questions live on the online platform, becoming an integral part of the event in an interactive way, and university students were able to follow the discussion live on the spot. The best and most frequently asked questions were also put to the speakers. The set was designed to match the theme: - The many LED surfaces allowed the environment to change dynamically. - Online applicants were shown in an astronaut capsule. - The whole set design had a high-tech design.


The aim was to create an event of interest to a wide range of target groups, positioning the company as a modern energy company committed to the future and aware of future technologies. The event was targeted at the general public, government and corporate decision-makers, partners, the national and international press and company staff available both in English and Hungarian. The invited speakers were well-known personalities from the industry. The live broadcast was available on the MVM Future Talks microsite, and, and was free to view without registration. The first part of the show was a light discussion on the future of innovation by well-known national figures, as an organic continuation of the introductory influencer campaign. The second part of the show was a hybrid roundtable discussion with the participation of Neil deGrasse Tyson astrophysicist, Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired magazine, and Hayley Arceneaux astronaut and medical assistant.

Measurable results

About 35.000 viewers followed the MVM Future Talks online talk show live on 10.11.2022 from 6 p.m. In the two weeks following the live broadcast, it reached a total of about 120.000 viewers on the microsite and MVM's YouTube channel. Overall, the total reach of the program was around 160.000 people. The website was already visited by nearly 131.000 unique users before the show and during the live broadcast. In the two weeks following the event, a total of 73.000 users clicked on the microsite, bringing the number of visits to over 200.000. During the pre- and post-event communication, we achieved more than 80 positive press coverage in the national press and more than 250 international press coverage. The guerilla content produced in the pre-communication of the show achieved a total of nearly 7.000 reactions on social media. During pre-communication of the talk show, influencer content reached more than 1.3 million people and generated more than 40.000 user reactions.


The talk show was introduced by a wide scale national and international PR and ad campaign. We published press releases on various topics in connection with the event, and organized interviews with the guests in Hungarian media. A street guerilla campaign was executed that generated user created pieces of content and interactions in social media. The pre-communication influencer campaign was organically connected to the show. These videos not only reached several hundred thousand viewers, but were also part of the show.

Sustainable practices

When designing the set, our goal was not only to create a unique visual experience, but also to use as many reusable materials and equipment as possible. Therefore, the entire background of the set was built using modular LED panels, and the same panels were used to build the hosts' tables. Moreover, the emphasis on education was a key factor in planning and executing the interactive talk show. 50 students from universities in Hungary were invited to attend the event in person and take an active part in the show alongside all the viewers who followed the event online. Joining the show online was free, as we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be informed about the latest technology and sustainability issues.