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Event Description and Key Objectives

MVM ZENERGIA is a unique concert where music, visual experience and charity meet classical music and other genres. One of the main aims of the event, which is renewed every year: bringing classical music a little closer to young people.

Key challenges

Firstly, the challenge in this year's organization was how a projection mapping - which was basically conceived for the facade of an iconic building in Budapest - could be realized indoors, in a theatre. The visual world was completed by a 3D wall built on the stage. The goal was to extend the set design into an immersive visual experience, so the riser was also matted and light-painted with projection solutions. Secondly, another technical challenge was the positioning of the projectors to illuminate the surfaces as accurately as possible. A special feature every year is the projection of mapping content that is unique to the music. Thirdly, running the event in the different venues was also a challenge, but thanks to the detailed planning everything went well. For the first time, Five additional Hungarian cities were involved : the cities of Miskolc, Debrecen, Szeged, Szombathely and Pécs. This innovation was the biggest challenge in this year's organization. People could follow the event online from anywhere in the country, while at the same time in the 5 additional cities , we prepared different programs before the performance. We targeted the main squares of big cities and offered the audience a complete concert experience, which they could visit for free. The "warm-up acts" were local bands and musicians who were genre-wise connected to the world of Zenergia. People could then follow the performance in the Erkel Theater live on large LED displays. Each location had its own difficulties, e.g. in Pécs' main square, the city's biggest landmark, Mass was held in the Pécs Cathedral, so we had to ask permission from the Diocese of Pécs to hold the event in the main square.

Basic information about the event

Name of the organiser

Lounge Group – Visual Europe Group


Hungary, Erkel Theatre - Budapest

Event duration

27 August 2022


MVM Energy Private Limited Liability Company

Event results


The special feature of the event is that there is no existing orchestra line-up on stage, but these local, outstanding and renowned artistic talents have been assembled for this one occasion only. The well-known works from the world of different musical genres will be performed in arrangements, arrangements and performances that the audience has never heard before. In addition to the musical performances, we had to come up with the concept for the whole event, designing our own identity, logo, animations, unique set design (theatre entrance decoration, human-sized Zenergia decoration) and visual designs designed just for the occasion.


In 2022, it was held for the 7th time and for this occasion in a different venue than in the previous years, in the Erkel Theatre in Budapest. As last year, the event was a hybrid. The limited capacity of the venue allowed for unlimited ticket sales through online streaming. This year, for the first time, venues in major Hungarian cities were included. The main squares of Miskolc, Debrecen, Szeged, Szombathely and Pécs were open to the public free of charge, where they could follow the event live from Erkel Theatre on a giant LED screen. The visuals match the music, following the rhythm, beat and theme.


This event has been organised for 7 years and the client and many of the operators and subcontractors are the same. However, the processes are very complex, with changes and innovations every year. A new venue always gives new challenges to be solved, as the visual design has to be adapted to the specific venue. This year's venue presented some difficulties: the building is relatively old and because of that we needed to implement special measures in the integrated technology. The theme of the show is always changing. The contact persons on the client's side have been the same for almost years, which makes it easier to work together. The construction schedule is very important so as not to interfere with each other. In turn, this is agreed with the subcontractors, who has the time to complete a given task.

Measurable results

The Hungarian national holiday was postponed so that it was held on the same day and at the same time as Zenergia. This is important because, in addition to the country's biggest celebration, the concert was held in front of a packed house, a huge hit with the audience. The footage clearly shows that despite the fact that the event was in a theatre, the audience gave a standing ovation at the closing numbers. The additional venues were also sold out, with the main squares of the towns proving to be a good choice. The success in the countryside has encouraged us to involve more venues next year. There was also a good attendance from the press in the capital and in the countryside. Viewers who bought tickets to the Budapest venue or to the online broadcast could vote on the website to decide which of the MVM's nominated organisations would receive the full ticket proceeds. ZENERGIA was able to deliver the highest donation ever to a deserving organisation and the winner was revealed at the beginning of the concert. The donation letter was presented to the representative of the organisation during the concert.


Pre-event communication was part of a nationwide integrated campaign that included press, online, radio, television, social and OOH (billboard) appearances. Post-event communication included PR articles and social media video ads. The full concert was broadcast on Hungarian National Television following the event. There was a lot of positive feedback from both the industry and social media, highlighting the quality and uniqueness of the event.

Sustainable practices

The recycling of decorative elements is a key environmental priority for the client. It is common practice to turn the banners into bags. All proceeds from the concert always go to a charity. In venues outside Budapest, local musicians performed before the main performance. We wanted to strengthen the local bands and performers. As the number of spectators is limited, it is possible to follow the concert online for those who either missed the tickets or do not live in the same cities. The multiple venues allowed us to reach many more people in person, but also reduced the carbon footprint of the event.