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15. CSR/Non-profit Event

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Event Description and Key Objectives

Odpadnesh is CREATIVE PROs CSR programme that carries 3 aspects: ECOLOGICAL: to take at least a small step for our planet by giving a new chance to materials that would otherwise become waste. SOCIAL: to create work opportunities for people endangered by poverty and help them reverse their fate. This project was created in cooperation with the non-profit organization Úsmev ako dar. EDUCATIONAL: to build new skills in people who come to our workshops but equally to set up ECO solutions for companies. Key objectives: 1. Respect for the environment 2. Help to the others 3. Change the society

Key challenges

Challenge: How to create an impactful CSR programme that covers several issues in the society?

Basic information about the event

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Košice, Slovakia

Event duration

from January 2023


Internal CSR programme

Event results


Naming: Name Odpadnesh is carrying 2 playful meanings /waste & you will be blown away/ One CSR programme carries 3 aspects – Ecological, Educational, Social Social aspect: In our CSR program Odpadnesh, we have developed new social practices that address social needs arising from diverse working capabilities. We are utilizing the company's resources, expertise, and influence to drive positive change and find innovative solutions. Product line: We are repurposing event banners and creating unique products in our Manufactories. For now, we have 16 products in our portfolio. According to clients’ needs we are able to come up with new product line. Workshops: For our clients we bring creative workshops to find new sustainable solutions


Social innovation We came up in our CSR programme Odpadnesh with new social practices that aim to meet social needs resulting from working capabilities. Odpadnesh is social innovation that carries 5 core elements: 1. Meets a social need 2. Enhance society capacity to act 3. Novelty 4. Effective 5. From idea to implementation. Odpadnesh is a cross sectorial, builds new relationships and its open and collaborative. Odpadnesh is an effective solution challenging social and environmental issues in support of social progress.


After each event, we recycle all banners for reuse, embodying our commitment to sustainability. We continually generate new ideas for product development, resulting in a diverse portfolio of 16 unique products. Once products are finalized, they are made available for purchase on our e-shop or offered to clients as branded merchandise. WORKSHOPS We inspire people by encouraging them to actively participate in workshops, fostering a collaborative environment where they can find new ecological and sustainable solutions for their companies. SOCIAL We are continuously exploring opportunities to establish new manufacturies And with cooperation with non-profit organisation Úsmev ako dar offering work to people in need.

Measurable results

Social impact: • 2 manufactories (Slovakia, Ukraine) • Employment for 16 people Sustainable impact: • Product portfolio of 16 products • Saved 7kg Co2 by the creation of 1 Odpadnesh product compared to a regular product. • In total saved 20 tons of Co2 Educational impact: • Education - Yearly 10 workshops to our clients towards sustainability and social impact • Odpadnesh become part of each tender and offer to the client. • We educate the society to come up with eco-solutions for companies BENEFITS: Here are just few benefits for the CREATIVE PRO • Improved public image • Increased brand awareness and recognition • Increased customer engagement • Create new environmental standard for event industry


Constant communication through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Our clients have become organic ambassadors of the brand Odpadnesh thanks to its unique approach and values.

Sustainable practices

Odpadnesh carries several aspects to promote sustainability within the event industry and beyond. 1. Setting new environmental standards: Odpadnesh takes the lead in establishing innovative environmental standards within the event industry. By implementing sustainable practices and advocating for eco-friendly approaches, we aim to inspire positive change. 2. Banner Repurposing and Product Creation: We reuse our banners and encourage other companies to contribute with their banners for reuse purposes as well. Our vision extends beyond banners. This approach promotes circular economy principles and a zero-waste lifestyle. 3. Education: Odpadnesh prioritizes education as a vital component of sustainability. We focus on educating our clients and society at large, fostering awareness about sustainable practices. By sharing knowledge and engaging other companies, we empower individuals and organizations to make informed choices for a greener future. Through these initiatives, Odpadneh drives positive environmental impact, fosters creativity in repurposing materials, and cultivates a shared commitment to sustainability.