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Event Description and Key Objectives

Representing our country and culture to the world, we brought together the 60 performers who embodied the fusion of traditional and modern elements on the main Jubilee Stage during the evening 80-minute cultural event supported with video content and voice-overs. It was an honour to have our Madam President in the audience. KEY OBJECTIVES: Represent our cultural heritage and traditions but at the same time a modern country with world-class talents. To present not only the performers but also more of our country's landscape and heritage, providing a complex audio-visual experience. Smooth and non-interrupted programme, perceived as a one story with grand finale. To promote that Slovakia has a National Day at EXPO 2020 Dubai on 27th January 2022 as much as possible.

Key challenges

One aim, one story, one team able to cover for one another in case of covid (crisis management). Covid tests before leaving Slovakia, when arriving in Dubai, on the day of the event at EXPO site. Unfortunately, a few musicians turned out to be COVID positive so the stand-in was necessary.

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Dubai, UAE

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Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic

Event results


Slovakia participated at the EXPO with a clear message - we are the country of unique stories, beautiful landscape and enormous technological potential. When creating the programme for the whole National Day but especially for the evening cultural event on the main Jubilee Stage, we knew we must present the traditions we are proud of but at the same time we aim to present ourselves as the modern nation looking towards the future. That is why our concept was built on the three pillars: FUSION, CONTRAST, ENERGY. The 80-minute multi-genre cultural event was built on the cooperation of talents who creatively complemented one another: FILIP JANCIK - well-known (worldwide) violin virtuoso who used the traditional Slovak musical instruments, started in the quiet with the Slovak National anthem and continued with the famous movie songs. BILLY BARMAN AND GIRLS FROM THE SLOVAK STATE TRADITIONAL DANCE COMPANY - a unique fusion between a rock-pop band and the Slovak essence of the cultural heritage. Slovakia is well-known to have beautiful women :) SLOVAK STATE TRADITIONAL DANCE COMPANY - accompanying the whole programme as singers, dancers and visually attractive embodiment. The company expresses the journey and stories of the Slovak people. JANA KIRSCHNER - international experience, femininity, authenticity, the Slovak & world-class performer finishing with the grand finale where all the 60 artists meet on the stage and sing and dance together.


Key elements: BALANCE - changing of the musical and dance part VARIEDNESS - traditional Slovak musical instruments - "fujara" - Slovak overtone flute (visible and audible at the beginning of the attached video), "cimbal" and colourful traditional folk costumes EMOTIONS - supporting the event and performers with the voice-overs and video content - uniquely created for this event GRADATION - repeating the motives and including the surprising moments Voice-overs - the voice of a Slovak moderator accompanied us as we did not want to interrupt the programme with any physical entry but rather provide a smooth course. "5,519 km away from here lies Slovakia. The heart of Europe." Video content - tailor-made projection created to reflect each performer's identity but at the same time providing a united story experience. We used a water heart as a symbol of life and our technological strategy - a hydrogen car became a popular exhibit at our pavilion.


Choosing the composition of performers that was never seen before and performers who can embody our past but also future, fusion was the key. Creating a cultural event that is emotional, vivid, contrasting, surprising. Creating the content showing our castles, mountains, rivers, supported with the storytelling voice-over of the Slovak moderator, traditional musical instruments included in the arrangement. Communication, connection and agreement of the different performers' riders to set up one stage with effective change of performers, and the contribution of everybody in the grand finale.

Measurable results

The objectives were exceeded, we received heaps of positive comments and evaluations, for us, it was the presentation of our nation towards the world, towards the global, local and Slovak audience, towards Madam President and the state officials. The space at the Jubilee Stage was completely full, giving us a standing ovation which we consider as the greatest success. 80 minutes of a nation story embodied in performers, video content and voice-overs - easy to communicate, easy to understand 60 performers cooperating with one another to create a unique work. As an agency we were recognised with awards and we increased the call for providing the event services on the Slovak market but this was not only for the resounding cultural event on the National Day but also for the presentation of the Slovak Pavilion in general, we achieved: - 600 000 visitors - 9 business missions - 12 UAE royal visits - presentation of 120 Slovak innovative companies during the thematic weeks - 1.7 K followers on Instagram - 4,5* rating on Google - 31 press releases and intense online and offline communication - potential business in further development of hydrogen strategy ... and last but not least, rated as one of the most successful National Days during the 6-month world exhibition.


The aim was to promote that Slovakia has a National Day at EXPO 2020 Dubai on 27th January 2022 as much as possible. We identified potential participants - the government of the Slovak Republic, the Slovak communities living in Dubai, locals, virtual participants watching the live stream. We invited the state officials, provided special offers at the Slovak Pavilion restaurant "Warhol" to attract the Slovak communities and locals, we marketed the event on social media and boosted PR activities to inform the Slovaks about a possibility to watch it online.

Sustainable practices

In general, as the event was for the public, we did not need any tickets or wristbands. As the event was outdoors, no air conditioning or heating was necessary. We maximised the communication with the client digitally - meetings, materials, marketing activities... The EXPO venue itself provided recycling stations, water refilling stations, local food and effective transportation opportunities. No use of any decorations on stage and at the venue but rather focus on audio-visual experience.