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Event Description and Key Objectives

The first international wine fair, "Wine Vision by Open Balkan", is to be held at the Belgrade Fair from September 1 - 4, 2022. Under the auspices of the Governments of the Republic of Serbia, North Macedonia, and Albania, and within the Open Balkan initiative, the fair that brings together the best regional wine producers and promotes the entire Balkans as an increasingly popular wine and tourist destination. The idea of this Wine Fair was to offer visitors and representatives of B2B and B2C community a unique and extensive experience and the opportunity to discover the exciting world of authentic, unique and premium wines, and as well as to meet some of the world's most famous winemakers, wine connoisseurs, traders, distributors, Master of Wine title holders, wine journalists, critics, bloggers and representatives of the most important global media.

Key challenges

By nominating theis project, we wanted to point out their conceptual creativity and originality on the one hand, but also their complex production performance on the other.

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Belgrade, Serbia

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01.09.2022. -04.09.2023.


Government of the Republic of Serbia

Event results


Creative inspiration was found in the aesthetics of the landscape and the unique ecosystem of the vineyard - better known as "terroir" - which represents the synthesis of climate, soil, climate, as well as the skills of the producers of the best wines in the world. Also, the event is conceptually inspired by the striking convergence of traditional and modern wineries. There, in one place, you could find old, museum exhibits related to growing vines and wine production, but also the most modern LED screens that educated visitors in an interesting and innovative way about the history, origin and types of wine, as well as the production process.


Wine Vision by Open Balkan, fair organized for the Government of The Republic of Serbia was an immersive experience in a "terroir", and "winery" atmosphere with which we wanted to discover and present the world of authentic, unique and premium wines from more than 32 countries and 350 exhibitors from around the world.


The size and complexity of the entire exhibition are also represented by the following interesting data: in an area larger than 45.000 square meters, over 300 square meters of LED screens are used, a wide variety of audio-visual content was broadcasted; over 10,000 square meters of carpet and more than 2,000 m2 of printed PVC floor were used; over 200 pieces of various props and more than a hundred units of plants, including 40 trees, were provided.

Measurable results

Over 350 exhibitors and professional buyers from 32 countries participated at the event. More than 30,000 people visited, and large number of B2B meetings where held .On over 300 square meters of LED and interactive touch screens, the most diverse audio-visual content was broadcast. Environmental sustainability of the materials used at the fair was also taken into account - hundreds of exhibits and real trees were provided. It was 360 campaign integrated TVcs, OOH, print, digital with PR editorials in the world most acknowledged professional magazine Falstaf and Decanter.


The fair had exceptional media visibility, starting with the promotion of the event on numerous TV channels with national coverage, on all relevant social networks, with significant use of OOH communication channels. Also, the event was promoted in the specialized press, among which the most famous European magazine dedicated to wine, food and travel, Falstaff, stands out. The wine fair "Wine vision by Open Balkan" was presented at the world's largest wine fairs, including those in Dusseldorf, Verona, Vienna and Paris.

Sustainable practices

Environmental sustainability of the materials used at the fair was also taken into account. More than 10,000 square meters of recyclable artificial grass, over 16,000 square meters of carpets and hundreds of exhibits and real trees were provided at the Fair.