Žametna večerja pod vinogradi 2022 / The Velvet Dinner among the vineyards (Long Table Maribor 2022)

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Event Description and Key Objectives

Velvet dinner among the vineyards 2022 was the unique gastronomic event offering top cuisine with the signature of Michelin chefs Uroš Štefelin, Marko Pavčnik and Sebastjan Plevčak, and the table of 150 guests was served by students of the Maribor High School of Hospitality and Tourism and students of the Vocational College of Hospitality and Tourism Maribor. With the current issue of staff shortages, the organizers of the event also aim to raise awareness of the potential of work in hospitality and tourism. The partners of the Velvet dinner among the vinyards were Maribor Tourist Board, Maribor High School of Hospitality and Tourism, Vocational College of Hospitality and Tourism Maribor and Maribor High School of Biotechnology. The idea of the event - initially planned in June, but due to bad weather it had to be postponed to September - is to connect tourism, gastronomy providers and educational institutions in a first-class wine and culinary experience. On 6th September 2022 the "long table" was presented in Maribor for the first time in a unique venue next to the vineyard under Maribor's famous Kalvarija, the cuisine bore the signature of Slovenian Michelin chefs, accompanied by excellent wines from the wine-growing region of Štajerska Slovenija.

Key challenges

It was an open air event, therefore it was depending on the weather. The event was planned in June, but due to bad weather it had to be postponed to September No infrastructure on the location. The infrastructure needed to be brought to the location of the event. Providing Michelin chef standards on one hand and school standards on the other.

Basic information about the event

Name of the organiser

Zavod za turizem Maribor / Maribor Tourist Board


Maribor, Slovenia

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Zavod za turizem Maribor

Event results


Our concept of the event was to include our unique tourist attraction the Old Vine, the oldest grapevine in the world. We presented new sparkling wine with wine from the 450-year-old Maribor Guinness record holder, the oldest grapevine in the world. All guests received special flavored salt as a gift upon departure. The salt was flavored with a touch of the oldest grapevine the essence of žametovka (wine variaty).


With our partners, we entered the implementation of the Velvet Dinner with three key goals: to upgrade the image of Maribor as an excellent gastronomic region, implement measures from the new Maribor tourism strategy, and connect high school students with the professional environment and institutions - within the framework of the latter, we also raise awareness of opportunities in hospitality and tourism industries. For this purpose, we have produced a promotional video "Become the chef of your life", with the help of which the partners of Velvet Dinnes will spread their missions in the field of the development of Maribor tourism and related activities. Just as the oldest grapevine is a beacon of the wine and culinary offer cities, we are vision makers and development guides, beacons for our young people and their creative drive. All the infrastructure needed to be brought to the location among the vinyards (tables, seats, accessories, improvised kitchen...). We decorated the existing vinyard with lights and the existing vineyard infrastructure for the backstage (musicians, moderator...).


Maribor Tourist Board managed the entire event and took care of communication and PR (sales, marketing), decoration and content of the event and cooperation with external partners who were in charge of food, operations, security, sound.

Measurable results

We covered all technical operational costs from ticket sales and with the help of our partners of the event. We invested in creation of printed materials and photo and video material. We have collected promotional materials (videos, photos) that Maribor Tourist Board and its partners of the event can communicate in the future.


We leased a media space, which we canceled early due to the rapid sale of tickets which endet in only 4 days.

Sustainable practices

Zero range ingredients Printed materials from eco paper No leftover food or wine Decoration of wine leaves and grapes The guests took bouquets of flowers from the table home We used the decorations again for the after-dinner events We restored the venue to the same condition We were moderate with noise and light with a feeling for the environment We avoided the use of chemical toilets and used flush toilets instead We encouraged visitors to come to the event on foot.