Frequently asked questions

Q:  Can multiple events be entered into the competition?
Individual organisations or agencies can submit an unlimited number of applications in individual categories. The fee for each entry is EUR 250+VAT.
Q: From which countries can entries be submitted?
Applications are open to all event organisers in the region of 'New Europe' (Central and Eastern Europe).
Q: For which time period can events be registered?
Events that were organised in the period from 1 January 2019 up to 17 July 2020
Q: Is the recipient of the award the agency or the client?
In individual categories, in addition to the client, the agency i.e. the executor of the project, receives the award.
Q: What kind of promotion do you assure?
All finalists will be published for an indefinite period on the project website – www.crossover.si
Q: What does the participation fee include?
The fee for the submission of entries is EUR 250 and includes participation in the process of evaluation by the international jury, and 2-day attendance of the Conventa Crossover conference on 28th and 29st August 2019 in Ljubljana's  Cankarjev dom.
Q: Who will evaluate the entries?
An international jury consisting of well-known experts in the field of event organising contributes 80% of the votes whilst the remaining 20% are provided by participants of the Conventa Crossover conference.
Q: What are the evaluation criteria?
The evaluation criteria can be found on the website www.crossover.si.
Each criterium is evaluated on a scale from 1 to 10. The sum total of the jury's nine evaluations contributes 80% of the final result, whilst the sum total of the evaluations of the participants of the Conventa Crossover conference accounts for the remaining 20%.
Q: What does the 80:20 model mean?
Evaluation of submitted events is carried out on a three-stage basis according to a unique 80:20 model (80% of votes are contributed by the jury whilst the expert public at the Conventa Crossover event contribute the remaining 20%).
Q: How does the process of evaluation take place by the public?
Evaluation will take place live via the Slido application through a moderated evaluation at the end of each presentation by finalists.
Q: Where will the awards ceremony be held for the Conventa Best Event Award?
The award will be presented as part of the jubilee Conventa Crossover conference which will take place on 28th and 29th August in Ljubljana.

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