Authentic experience, personal engagement and live interaction

Those who have attended Conventa Crossover before will know that we don’t like to paint inside the lines. We are constantly breaking the mold, looking for new and exciting event formats. We even built a boxing ring, where two speakers engaged in a discussion. We came up with the idea of having the speaker behind a bar counter, resulting in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Crossover has seen many creative solutions and this year won’t be any different.


Where participants get to do what they decide to on the spot. Participants are split into groups, each group chooses an interesting topic and the topic which gets the most votes will be discussed.


Creative people talk too much, which is why we have implemented Pecha Kucha presentations into our event. These are simple 20×20 presentations, where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images.

Crazy Incentive Ideas in PechaKucha format

  • Ljubljana Feminist Tour
  • Battle for The Throne
  • Graffiti Workshop


Crossover will host two roundtables, each with 3 expert speakers. At the first one, the speakers will open dialogue on event marketing in the region of SEE and at the second one they will talk about innovations and technology in the event industry.


A campfire? Yes, participants of Crossover will meet on Krekov Trg, where they will sit around a campfire and talk about music, art and innovations. You know what we always say: “Boring meetings suck”