Those who have attended Conventa Crossover before will know that we don’t like to paint inside the lines. We are constantly breaking the mold, looking for new and exciting event formats. We even built a boxing ring, where two speakers engaged in a discussion. We came up with the idea of having the speaker behind a bar counter, resulting in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Crossover has seen many creative solutions and this year won’t be any different.

Crossover Fire Talks

Innovative and provocative keynote lectures in TEDx format have become a staple of Conventa Crossover. Each keynote speaker has 18 minutes to impress the audience. Joining us are experts from a variety of different fields, marketing, events, architecture, theatre and event technology.

Crossover Content Bars

A novelty of the 4th Conventa Crossover will be the “Crossover Content Bars”. The bars will be short presentations, known as ignite sessions (20 slides, each switching at 15 seconds). The ignite sessions will be followed by a discussion with the participants, which we named “campfire”. Each speaker will have time to explain everything to the participants, which will be split into small groups. Each speaker will repeat his campfire explanation four times, so that each group will have a chance to listen to all the speakers.

Crossover Panel -
Let's Talk Future

The panel discussions at Crossover are a combination of short presentations and talks with the participants. They are set up in a dynamic format and moderated in a way that allows loads of fun and interaction in a laid back way. Ready to gaze into the future?

Content Journeys

On the second day of Crossover, we will embark on a “Content Journey” outside of the conference venue, venturing through Ljubljana’s special venues. The participants will be split into four groups, each group will have two speakers, who will give a TEDx presentation at the special venue. The themes for the content journeys are; Experience (Alter Ljubljana), Communication (Museum of Modern Art), Creativity (Slovene National Theatre), Technology (Gallus Hall).

Crossover Workshops

An excellent chance to actively and comprehensively get to know all the tiny details and all the major steps that go into successful event organisation. The workshops are scheduled for Friday, 30 August 2019. As the Crossover workshops require maximum engagement and interaction, the number of participants is limited.

Conventa Best Event Award - Grand Finale

The climax of the Crossover programme will certainly be the grand finale of the Conventa Best Event Award, where you will get to meet all the finalists and their awesome events. Who will become the winner is all in the hands of the audience, who will participate in the live voting. This kind of voting, which combines votes from the expert jury as well as from the participants brings freshness and a different approach to the competition.

Crossover Pop-up Dinner

We are planning a big surprise. All we can tell you is that it involves excellent food, an out-of-the-box location and great atmosphere. The location will be announced on the day of the event.

*Dinner is not included in the price of the registration.

Crossover Zen Garden

We will create a zen garden in the park in front of Cankarjev Dom, where you will be able to escape the summer heat or simply enjoy the romanticism of it all.