Dream-team jury of Conventa Best Event Award: Ivo J. Franschitz

Ivo J Franschitz
Ivo J Franschitz

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Organizers of mind-blowing events from New European region are invited to enter the competition that will again acknowledge the best in the event business. All submitted entries will be evaluated by a jury consisting of international experts from the field of event organisation. We sat down to talk to the dream-team jury member of Conventa Best Event Award, Ivo J. Franschitz.

Q: What do you look for when you’re judging the best events?
Authenticity in idea, content & execution.

Q: How will your background influence the way you look at entries?
Great & unique ideas are only one part of the formula. What it also needs is perfect execution.

Q: Why are competitions like the Conventa Best Event Awards important?
It creates the necessary & deserved spotlight on our livecom industry.

Q: What advice would you give to agencies and brands thinking about what events to put forward for Conventa Best Event Awards?
Events with an authentic & consistent story-telling.

Q: Your hashtag suggestion for 2019 Conventa Crossover?

[vc_cta h2=”About Ivo” h4=”Owner & Managing Director of Enited Business Events”]Ivo J. Franschitz owns a master’s degree in international marketing from the Vienna University of Economics. Currently, he holds a Board member position with EMBA (Event Marketing Board Austria) and with LiveCom Alliance, as well as being an active member of ICCA and of 27NAMES.[/vc_cta]
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