This year, 43 events entered the competition, and after strict evaluation by the jury, 28 finalists were selected. The evaluation of registered events follows a unique 80:20 model (80% of the votes come from the jury and 20% from the audience at the Conventa Crossover conference).

The finalists will be presenting their projects live on Thursday, 25 August 2022 at GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. With the help of Jan Jaap in Der Mauer, the distinguished moderator at this year’s Conventa, the organisers will prepare an unforgettable show.

Follow our tracks

The ‘TRACKS’ (in Slovene: ‘SLEDI’) business event was organised to cater to Go Green's business partners and employees, as well as to other invitees working in the business and tourism sector.

Re-Act Annual Conference

RE-ACT was an internal meeting organized for all 4000 employees of DT ITSO SK. In turbulent times we experience nowadays, our client recognized the crucial need to keep the staff informed about the company strategy and goals.

CEF Forum 2022: Knowledge Management in Public Institutions

This event was intended for the CEF coordinators. They are responsible for individual and institutional capacity development at ministries of finance, central banks, and tax administrations in South East Europe (SEE).

Ipsen Re-Connect Community Day

The first in-person meeting after the pandemic was a really important moment for Ipsen to engage its employees in Italy, allowing them to re-connect, communicate, share ideas and find solutions for future projects.

Help Yemen

In selected public restrooms in Stockholm shopping malls, we did a "take over" ​of one of the sinks. The others were left fully functioning as a contrast.​ To clearly show what the hygiene situation looks like for many vulnerable children...

Digital Escape Room

We wanted to change this perception and move The Armed Forces identity into the future - to the younger people, online. We created a digital escape room - an exciting collaborative exercise...


To launch a new app for measuring carbon footprint, and to increase the number of users, Bang Agency created OneTonneIsland – a PR activation where the entire island of Grinda in the Stockholm archipelago was made climate-smart.

Open Eyes Economy Summit 2021

The Open Eyes Economy Summit is an event held annually in Cracow, Poland, since 2016. It is a top opportunity to get to know the most important contemporary social and economic thought.

NFT Award

WE created an original Award concept that carries the DNA of the bank. Technology, Art and Education. A unique NFT award carried innovation in all aspects of its design. NFT is a symbol of the Award of the new era...

Art of together

HB Reavis wanted to present their services for their tenancies and support idea of togetherness through the art as they feel their services are designed as an art. That's why we decided to create an art installation in their free offices.

Velenje Underground

Characterised by an authentic mining setting, Velenje underground is an exceptional five-star culinary experience happening 160 m below the surface. It combines top cuisine with elements of sustainable development...

The Day of Our Energy

We decided to create a community. We came up with the idea: The Day of OUR Energy. The sustainable live event on the farm. We built an entire "VSE town" with its town hall, marketplace, restaurant, theatre, playground, boutique, coffee shop, farm, and even radio.

Velo-city 2022

Velo-city is the annual flagship event of the European Cyclists’ Federation. The event plays a valuable part in promoting cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transport for all.

Sweden in solidarity with Ukraine

Together with a number of actors, BANG organized an incredibly important event: Hela Sverige skramlar (Sweden in solidarity with Ukraine). Basically, the event was about creating a manifestation for peace and respect...

60th Anniversary of the Non-Aligned Movement

The biggest political event in 2021, the 60th anniversary of the Non – Aligned Movement, was held at the Belgrade Fair on 11th and 12th October. The main goal was to gather the highest representatives of non-aligned countries..

Zadar Digital Nomad Week

Over 7 days, a selection of influencers explored the under-discovered, under-the-radar places around Zadar, even going under-ground (eg. wine cellars and caves).

Work. Place. Culture. Conference Dubrovnik

The inaugural Work. Place. Culture. Conference Dubrovnik - an experience-rich industry event bringing the concept of work from anywhere to absolutely everywhere. Three of LinkedIn’s Top 10 Voices in Remote Work led the way in Dubrovnik...

CUPRA Hero – Interactive product launch

The launching of the new car CUPRA Formentor was primarily supposed to take place live during 2021. Due to the numerous challenges brought by the previous year, they had to come up with a different way.

SIW on Boutique Tour

Last year, the SIW was upgraded and launched in a new edition – SIW on Boutique Tour – mainly as a consequence of covid restrictions, but also with the aim of upgrading the traditional SIW in line with the current trends.

Maybelline New York Stories

Our overarching goal was to restore Maybelline New York's image as an exciting brand whose product innovations are associated with New York trends, makeup expertise and innovative solutions.

Disney + launch

Disney+ is a streaming platform owned by Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution of The Walt Disney Company. Considering the big competitors, Disney decided to celebrate the arrival on Croatian market.

Jägermeister x Lokomotiva

G3 Spirits is a long-standing company working with distilled spirits such as Jägermeister, a German digestif. Our goal was to create a story for the brand that will bring the client closer to current fashion movements...

Future Tense 2022

Future Tense is a business conference created by Komunikacijski laboratorij. The purpose of the Conference is to create added value for business sector in Croatia and region and create positive changes in our society.

Planet Budapest

Planet Budapest 2021 Sustainability Expo and World Summit is an event dedicated to sustainable development. Its aim is to raise awareness of negative trends through experience.

The National Gaming Expo (OGEX 2022)

The National Gaming Expo (OGEX 2022) is the first series of national gaming events to be held in individual cities of Hungary over the course of 2 months. On the one hand, the gaming road show provides rural residents with the opportunity...

One With Nature – World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition Hungary 2021

The biggest nature exhibition of 2021 covered hunting, the protection of nature, aquatic habitats, nature conservation and its future, biodiversity, and the sustainable use of nature.

St. Stephans Day 2021

This year, we celebrated St. Stephen's Day, the founding of the state of Hungary with three and a half days of events at more than 20 venues. The celebrations included state ceremonies...

19th FINA World Championships

This world championship was set to feature five FINA  aquatics disciplines: swimming, diving, water polo, artistic swimming and open water swimming.