Talks inspired by HB Reavis


Basic Event Information

Date: All year long
Location: London, Berlin, Warsaw, Budapest, Bratislava, Prague
Event type: CONFERENCE

EVENT CATEGORY: CATEGORY B2B – Best Corporate Convention

Event description and key objectives

Talks is an inspirational B2B conference series bursting with innovative ideas and learnings from industry thought leaders that will shift the boundaries of your knowledge. The unique „talks“ concept is an INSPIRING SPEAKERS EVENT & COMMUNICATION PLATFORM that Is happening twice a year in each location London, Berlin, Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest.


  1. To build Brand awareness and Brand image as a market leader, innovator, and trendsetter.
  2. To create networking place for real estate and business community and the development of relationship management tools with current clients and potential clients.

Key challenges

Our client HB Reavis, a fully integrated international property developer and trendsetter, being amongst TOP 3 office space developers in the EU, wanted to become more open towards its clients, tenants, partners, local decision-makers and communities.

Our challenges:
How to present our client as a co-creator and become a communication channel by itself?



We co-created a long-term live campaign & live platform, the Talks. The inspiring speaker’s Event. For that, we had to come up with something more than just a PR, a visual or a digital campaign or a sponsorship event. We needed our client to be the co-creator of great ideas, to become the communication channel itself. The more we talk, the better the results.


The creation of unique Brand and Event Content communication is set up in a highly personalized and digitalized way through the use of different kinds of engagement tools.

  1. Real-time Hybrid Event Online & Offline (LIVE)
  2. Digitalized Pre-event, Event & Post-event communication
  3. Online „talks speeches library for an external and internal audience
  4. Innovation Fair – onsite life presentation of local Innovation products related to the industry issues.


The unique „talks“ concept is an INSPIRING SPEAKERS EVENT & COMMUNICATION PLATFORM consisting of 5 main pillars:

  • Set design & Brand visibility:
    Focusing on high-quality execution and content delivery, creating memorable experiences, with the main aim supporting HB Reavis’ B2B and B2C communication, sharing the European Real Estate Trendsetters’ ideas and approaches.
  • Venues & Places:
    Unconventional and inspiring spaces that open up new possibilities and enhance the experience of the event. Staged twice a year in all of HB Reavis locations (Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the UK)
  • Structure, Content, Event flow & Speakers:
    This interactive and engaging event concept is structured as a long-term sustainable platform divided into two channels: the conference & the local innovation fair. The speakers include HB Reavis ambassadors & its international partners in combination with the local opinion leaders and
    inspiring talents.
  • Audience interaction & engagement:
    The active Participation, live interaction, and connection with the audience
    collectively represent one of the core pillars of the whole event. The interaction between the audience and speakers is carried out through interactive digital tools and allows the audience to react to every session, thus engaging the innovation fair and the Talks content library.
  • Platform & Live campaign:
    The large and original online and offline content library continuously supports external com.

Measurable results

This different and outstanding communication approach continuously exceeds HB Reavis’s expectations, as it does those of its partners, and has become an external communication Game Changer.

  • 8 talks events per year
  • 22 international speakers, 10 local speakers
  • 32 innovations presented
  • 960 minutes of digitalized contents in „talks interactive library
  • More than 3000 inspired and motivated ambassadors


Fully integrated Invitation registration communication tool that covers invitations, reminders and thank you emails and SMS. Website, Facebook keep updates for the coming event regarding speakers and Innovation Fair. Youtube channel offers speakers presentations plus after movies.


The use of sustainable practices

Minimizing an impact on the environment with reusable fully transportable scenography


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