Basic Event Information

Date: 20.3.2020 – 29.5.2020
Location: ONLINE
Organizer: CREATIVE PRO (KE) s.r.o.
Client: T-Systems Slovakia
Event Type: Online campaign


Event description and key objectives

Only in 6 days after lockdown, over few nights we have proved flexibility by creating and starting a long-term and complex online internal/external communication program called #TFROMHOME to support the corporate culture as well as the human aspect that crises brought up: the importance of togetherness. In March 2020 in Slovakia, people end up locked down in their homes. Companies were suddenly facing a new reality with all their employees working remotely from home. How to communicate and stay positive appeared to be the biggest challenge for everybody. With a limited budget and immediate action, we have designed a properly structured long-term program full of content that inspired people on how to live in a new normal, motivated them being more productive, supported stability, and brought people together digitally.

T-Systems Slovakia is a company with a strong brand positioning and a positive image. It is also one of the biggest employers in Kosice. Fast reaction and flexibility to the lockdown crises was naturally coming from their DNA.


  1. Inspire on how to live in a new normal and to keep the positivity
  2. Motivate for better productivity
  3. Maintain work-life balance
  4. Support corporate culture and evoke a feeling of stability – company cares, people matter

Key challenges

  • Fast reaction to restriction and creation of proper substitution to the cancelation of the physical event.
  • Limited budget.
  • Work during strict hygienic restrictions and find the right solutions for producing our program


Creativity and innovation were brought by several perspectives.
We put together a community that created, communicated, engaged towards keep connected and socialized digitally.
The program was live-streamed directly via various social media channels of T-Systems Slovakia to households both internal and external audience.

From a dramaturgical perspective:
We wanted this new concept of internal/external communication to be sincerely crafted with a human touch. We co-created content pretty intuitively and spontaneously where inspirations came from both us as agency, management and employees. This flexibility, proactivity and reactivity to the community led to a well-balanced and unique content for our audience.

Playful challenges were bringing us to the homes of employees who let us get closer and more personal. The authentic custom-made fairy tale was designed based on the everyday life of the T-Systems employees.



From a production perspective, we designed a greenfield, straight forward solution in a lockdown environment.  Only in 6 days we were able to transform from live events to online events communication company, which deliver outstanding and customized content for both internal and external audience. With a limited budget and limited time for realization, we offered 35 performers for live concerts, 10 local speakers for talks, 10 management leaders for live cooking,5 coaches for healthy mornings and 10 celebrities for early learnings.

We put together a community that created, communicated, engaged towards keep connected and socialized digitally.


#TFROMHOME was an online internal/external communication campaign run for 10 weeks on social media platforms of T-Systems Slovakia. It offered various program structured in several blocks. Each program had a unique concept and dramaturgy. From entertainment, healthy lifestyle to the educational program.

  • Monday Early Learning – an educational program for children.
  • Employee Challenge – to share homes and be open with their private lifestyle
  • Tuesdays LIVE cooking – performance by management of the company
  • Thursdays LIVE talk show – with interesting guests on current topics 
  • Fridays LIVE Concerts – with famous Slovak bands and singers

From a communication perspective, we created an original design for each block of the program, to keep program clearly and smartly organized and communicated, that people can differentiate which program is coming, and get used its regularity and incorporate it to their schedules.


Measurable results

The biggest success is the community spirit that was created around T-Systems Slovakia. We pulled together a community of employees, family members and friends of T-Systems Slovakia who spent 10 weeks together digitally and created a bond in several layers. Thanks to that, the employee branding image grew massively. We measured a visible increase of interest in the T-Systems Slovakia Brand in region / Slovakia and abroad. On top of that, we noticed visible results in HR where employee fluctuation decreased by 36 percent.

From the communication perspective growth of FB Likes +35%, growth of FB followers: + 50% and posts reached over 470.000 unique users on Facebook who has created 95.200 interactions with our posts. Also, we’ve recorded over 240.000 views on videos assumption of campaign reach during the campaign 1 mil unique users on social media platforms. On top of that noticed more than 684.800 minutes of views of our content which means 1 year and 110 days of constant watching.



Communication was divided into several phases.

1.         Teasing campaign (duration one week ahead of) about the upcoming program
2.         Streaming of LIVE events/program – engagement from employees via shares, comments, and likes
3.         Recap (1day afterwards) we celebrated results, shared pictures and comments
4.         Several PR articles were shared both in marketing media and local media

The media campaign was running on T-systems social media channels Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Organizers and performers shared their unique stories and their individual approaches to the program, inviting people to participate and engage while employees, family members and friends reshared via their own posts.

The use of sustainable practices

Everything was online, 0 waste attitude was included in the communication too.


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