Basic Event Information

Date: 2021
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Organiser: Brand Arena Nordic Group AB
Client: Vattenfall


Event description and key objectives

Each Swede emits an average of approximately nine tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, which is too much to meet the long-term climate goals. Ideally, each person on the planet should not let out more than One Ton of carbon dioxide each year. That’s why Vattenfall has developed the free app OneTonneFuture (OTF). With the help of the app, you can calculate your climate footprint and see how you can have a positive change on the climate. To launch the app, and to increase the number of users, we created OneTonneIsland – a PR activation where we made the entire island of Grinda in the Stockholm archipelago climate-smart. The brand OneTonneFuture was unknown and needed to be put on the map for decision makers in different parts of society. The goal was to go from 5,000 users and subscribers to 10,000 users of the app in three months, and to have satisfied a minimum 80% of the visitors of OneTonneIsland.

Key challenges

The biggest challenge was to create a 100% sustainable event experience and to convince the visitors that you don’t have to compromise your quality of life quality when living climate-smart.


Our creative solution became a storydoing event, led in evidence through classic event pedagogy; you experience and you understand. We invited some of Sweden’s biggest influencers and leaders focusing on the climate issue, tech innovation and leadership to a two-day exchange of knowledge in the archipelago. Food, transport, exhibitions and people were all at the forefront of sustainability. The guests learned all about carbon dimming and got to take part in talks with some of our most inspiring lecturers on the climate issue, sports, music and climate-smart food. Guests also got to learn about solar panels and electric boats, cars and bicycles. We gave them the tools to be able to contribute to a more sustainable future. OneTonneIsland became a climate-smart B2B meeting place where pioneering companies and individuals shared their passion for solving the planet’s most urgent challenges. It was a story-doing event, where all participants experienced that we can save the planet together.


We showed visitors that living climate-smart does not mean that you need to compromise on quality of life. On the contrary. Technology and solutions already exist today for a sustainable lifestyle. The visitors to OneTonneIsland experienced this together in different ways. From start to finish, all experiences were completely carbon dioxide-free for the guests to experience the power of change. We experienced climate-smart innovation together and met people and companies who have solutions for a sustainable future. Never before has such a climate-smart event been held on an island. Never before have so many different entrepreneurs from so many different industries met and exchanged ideas and talked about collaboration opportunities in climate-smart innovation. OneTonneIsland was a storydoing event at its best. The guests got a better understanding of what is already possible with modern technology, passion and will, when it comes to reducing our carbon dioxide emissions.


The day began with environmental buses and electric cars that shuttled the guests to one of Sweden’s fully functional electric ferries that took the guests to Grinda. At Grinda, all event installations were created from sustainable and recycled materials. Event clothes, profiling, signs and decor were created from sustainable materials. Food and drinks were created by master chefs with expertise in sustainable and climate-smart cooking. At the event, people also got to try electric motorcycles, electric vespers, vegan food, clothes made from recycled materials, and new technology. During the activation, we showed all the visitors that living climate-smart does not at all mean that you need to compromise on quality of life.

Measurable results

The event was 100% carbon neutral and A total of 250 guests came to OneTonneIsland. As ambassadors, they have spread the brand to more than 15,000 people via their individual networks. We exceeded the goal by 100%. The goal was 10,000 users and we achieved 20,000 users. After 6 months the app has over 250.000 downloads and in the next few years the app will be launched in another 7 countries. Over 98% of the participants of the event were very satisfied with the event experience and say that they want to continue participating in similar events in the coming years.


The target audience consisted of decision-makers from different parts of society. The guests were hand-picked to achieve maximum effect in various industries. We knew from research that the first step towards reducing your climate footprint is to understand it. Through surveys of the different target groups that we invited, insight was created into which message they were most receptive to. It turned out that many in the target group perceived it as requiring great sacrifices on our current quality of life to live climate-smart and actively reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. We created our own equivalent of TED talks. With 30 min lectures, we engaged the audience with climate insights that touched and instilled seriousness, but most importantly gave hope for a bright future. The entire event’s climate impact was measured in detail by SwedishEnvironmental Institute and after the event, the participants got to see what minimal climate impact their event day had on carbon dioxide emission.

The use of sustainable practices

All event installations were created from sustainable and recycled materials, as well as event clothing, profiling, signs and décor. Food and drinks were created by master chefs with expertise in sustainable and climate-smart cooking. At the event, participants got to try electric motorcycles, electric vespas, vegan food, clothes made from recycled materials, and new technology.

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