Sustainable meetings and events – a mystery that may never be solved

FRIDAY, August 26, 2022

Fire Talk by Bo Krüger, Moving Minds

A fast transition to sustainable meetings and events is a challenge of previously unseen complexity and uncertainty. How to solve this tremendous challenge is a mystery – we have never done it before and right now, we have no idea how to do it. Solving mysteries requires us to replace the old toolbox with a completely new one. If we keep using traditional tools like analysis, forecasting and planning, there is no way we will succeed.

In this talk, you will learn which tools to use and why mysteries are almost impossible to solve.

Who is Bo?

Bo Krüger is on a misson to make meetings change the world. He helps meeting planners and facilitators apply the latest knowledge and research from psychology and social science into their meetings. He works as a speaker, facilitator, author and meeting designer. His knowledge is deep, but his approach is very practical and easy to understand.

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