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Event Description and Key Objectives

Boyden World Conference 2023 in Madrid was successfully celebrated as the main annual event of the company and succeeded to earn for the first time Sustainability Certificate for Environmentally Friendly Practices. Being sustainable means organising simple events or renouncing creativity and fun? Not at all! You can offer memorable experiences and at the same time benefit the environment and leave a legacy for the local community. That is what AIM Group Spain Office achieved at the recent 4-day, Boyden World Conference 2023, which was awarded a sustainability certificate by Eventsost, recognizing its commitment to environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices. The certification was earned by successfully meeting specific criteria across all the aspects of the event, such as waste management, food and beverages, accommodation, carbon footprint, materials, suppliers, and responsible staff management.

Key challenges

To ensure that the annual conference remained as engaging and rewarding as ever for the attendees coming to Madrid from different Countries, whilst for the first time reducing the carbon footprint, leaving a positive legacy and achieving certified green status. Being sustainable implied to change the way to plan the event, select providers, implement practices without limiting the imagination to enrich the conference with memorable experiences. The certified sustainable event should become also an opportunity to share with employees the commitment of the Company towards sustainable business, so all the choices must be appropriately communicated and motivated to engage attendees in the same objective.

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AIM Group International


Madrid, Spain

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This environmental focus didn’t distract event organisers from planning a rich program, which gave participants the opportunity to experience the best of the destination and to attend engaging meetings and networking activities. The conference took place in Madrid, spanning four days and attracting 210 attendees. It featured a total of 24 sessions, including general sessions, workshops, and seven activities comprising four cultural visits, three networking cocktail dinners, and a grand gala dinner and awards ceremony. Moreover, in addition to the general experiences, spouses were treated to three distinct cultural outings. The social program explored Madrid’s most iconic aspects: from an exclusive tour of the world-famous Prado Museum and visits to other notable exhibits like the Reina Sofia and Thyssen museums, to an exceptional dinner crafted by a renowned executive chef and a stunning rooftop cocktail reception for the Awards Ceremony at Casino de Madrid, and included fascinating excursions to the old historical centre of Segovia and Toledo and an exploration of Madrid’s de los Austrias area. Also, attendees had the chance to witness the awe-inspiring show called "WAH!", a stunning production showcasing all the greatest hits in true Las Vegas and Broadway style, accompanied by the Street Food Market, where attendees had the opportunity to sample cuisine from all five continents and enjoy the finest cocktails in town.

Measurable results

Eventsost, the independent company responsible for international sustainability certification within the events industry, awarded the conference its Sustainable Certificate following careful evaluation of the event throughout its lifecycle. “This certification reflects Boyden and AIM Spain's determined commitment to sustainability and our efforts to promote sustainable practices within the events industry” outlines Angeles Moreno, Country Manager AIM Spain. “This was the first time that both the client and AIM Spain had pursued green certification and prioritized sustainability within our event design. We were all eager to contribute to an environmentally conscious event and are thrilled to have achieved the certification”. The event was appreciated by attendees and the client who wrote “the conference overcome our expectations at the point that we consider it as the best event in the company’s history”.


Sustainable practices

• Accommodation and venue: The selected hotel and venues had to have sustainability policies or certification in place. • Transfers: Environmentally friendly engines were used for all transfers. • Communication: Printed agendas and menus were replaced with electronic signage and networking apps were employed to minimize business card. • Materials were carefully selected, avoiding the use of plastics and single-use materials, opting for sustainable decoration. • Suppliers with sustainable practices were prioritized. • Waste management was optimized by enforcing recycling policies and providing clearly marked waste containers. • Food and beverages: a Km0 policy was adopted, organic, fair trade and seasonal products prioritized, and red meat excluded. • Boyden Forest. It was decided to plant a tree for each participant, an impressive total of 220 trees, compensating for 100,45 tons of CO2. • Bikes were assembled as a team-building activity to donate to underprivileged children as a legacy to the local community.